Marge + Matt

When Marge approached me with her vision for her and Matt's engagement shoot - I knew it was going to be a fun one. We chatted through ideas and locations and ultimately, decided to head to the Windy City for their shoot. We began in their hotel room at The Talbott and ended strolling through the streets of the city. We wanted to wander to other locations, but we didn't realize the Christmas parade was taking place and that a majority of the streets nearby would be shut down or that Ubers were taking forever to arrive.

So we walked to a nearby park to stumble upon a band prepping to join the parade. A bunch of people dressed up like George Washington. Or someone. This didn't fit into our shoots aesthetic, but we had to snap a few anyway.

I adore this shoot. It was fun to get creative both while shooting and during post production. I love their gritty, grainy black and whites that Margaret mentioned she favored.

If their shoot was this fun and stylish, I can only imagine how fab their Door County wedding will be this coming September.