let's work together

each love story is unique. i can't wait to hear yours.

please allow up to 48 hours for a response, especially during wedding season.

wait! i'm not quite ready to talk...i have a few more questions

how far are you booking out?

my calendar is open up to 18 months from today's date.

do you customize packages?

certainly! each package offers different inclusions and you can add more options onto each one.

do you photograph families?

starting in winter 2022, i am offering family and other shoots unrelated to weddings + couples on a very limited basis. i am happy to refer you on to other amazing photographers in the event i can't accommodate your shoot.

do you offer albums?

yes. an album can be added on to any wedding package - additional information available upon request.

will you hold my date?

dates are held for 24 hours post-consultation.

i'm looking forward to hearing from you!