ari + jake

When you think of an engagement session, what images come to mind? A couple walking through a field or strolling the streets in the city, walking along the beach or images shot in a park? I LOVE shooting in all of those settings, but for anyone looking for something a little different for an engagement shoot - why not consider a studio session? Studio sessions are an amazing option for a few reasons:

A) It's indoors! It's weatherproof and season proof. 18 degrees outside? 98 degrees with 98% humidity? We've got heat & AC. Raining or snowing? The studio has a roof and walls. Is it the weird time of year where there's no green grass or leaves on the trees? Doesn't matter in the studio!

B) Privacy. With shoots in bars or public spaces gaining popularity, a lot of couples don't realize that shooting inside spaces like that will come with an audience. Most people are nervous to step in front of the camera to begin with, so jumping right in and shooting in a bar with a crowd all staring at you (yes. they will stare), most of the time this makes nerves 10X worse. For people who don't have modeling experience and don't like to be the center of attention, that type of shoot isn't really the best option. But at the studio, we can create something along those lines sans the crowd. We can craft our own cocktails, order a pizza, and get cozy without all eyes on you. The studio does have a cute little "living room" style vignette, while not pictured below, it's so adorable.

C) It's modern and clean. This setting lends itself really well to something with a little bit more of an editorial vibe. A little bit more modern, something a little different.

D) Extra shooting time. While there is a fee to rent the studio, I will upgrade your session free of charge! So we can take our time, you can change outfits, and we can shoot without looking at the clock as much.

Continue scrolling to view some highlights from Ari + Jake's studio shoot. We kept everything uber simple and clean - we utilized the white wall and the black backdrop and no other props aside from the seating! I love how everything turned out, we got to play around both stoic poses and playful movement. Proving sometimes less is more, and might I add - so many of these images would be great candidates for save the dates or framed prints to hang on the wall!

There are a million ways the studio could be styled so if this sounds interesting, shoot me an email and we bring your vision to life!