what to expect next

it's official!

i'm so excited to be working with you!

whether your wedding is over a year out, or just a few months away - here's what to expect as we get closer to the big day.

engagement session

if you opted for an engagement session, we can start planning this at any time. let me know when you're ready and i will send you my engagement session guide to help you start, and we will set a date, choose our location and go shoot.

important info:

we will make the official call no later than 7PM the evening before. if the weather is looking less than ideal, we will reschedule and that's that!

photos will be ready within 5 weeks

from booking to the big day

typically, between the engagement session and 90 days before the wedding, there is a bit of a lull in correspondence. never hesitate to reach out if you have questions, would like vendor recommendations, or want some help in choosing the ideal timing for your day - like your ceremony start time or when hair + makeup should end.

90 days before the wedding

it's gettin' real!

90 days out, i will send over my questionnaire* to fill out. i will use that info to create your photo timeline

*this questionnaire is optional if you're working with a planner who is on board for a full plan - no need to repeat all the info you already told them again to me. i will chat with them behind the scenes and will get in touch with you if i need additional details

60 days before the wedding

*our first timeline draft should be finished and any adjustments needed should be made and confirmed by this point
*begin putting your family photo list together
*final payment is due
*photo permits should be obtained if they're needed

30 days before the wedding

time to schedule our final timeline call! we will schedule a call to walk through the day together, step by step to ensure we are on the same page. we will confirm addresses, photo locations, and any last minute adjustments that we need to make to the photo timeline will be made at this time.

the big day

get married

enjoy yourselves

dance the night away

the big day

get married

enjoy yourselves

dance the night away

after the wedding

after the wedding

14 days after the wedding

sneak peeks will be sent to you within 14 days of the wedding in whichever method you prefer. i can text or email them to you.

*a sneak peek may not be the final edit, as these photos are pulled one by one. when i begin editing as a whole, sometimes further adjustments will be made, and they are typically very minor

*i cannot accommodate specific image sneak peek requests

10 weeks after the wedding

your photos will be ready for you within 10 weeks. they will be sent to via a private, online gallery. if your package included a USB, that will be mailed out within 6 months.

*all photos are developed and softly edited. if you would like additional retouching on any images, please let me know within 14 days for a quick turnaround. requests made 14+ days may result in a longer turnaround time *charges may apply for further retouching.

after photos are delivered

i'd love to hear from you once you've received them to confirm they've made it to you.

i will archive your photos for one year. take care to download and save the photos to a USB or hard drive for safe keeping within that year, as galleries expire after that point.

print. your. photos.

it's easy to let time tick by and put off printing your photos.

for the best print quality, order directly from your gallery. it's super easy - it can be done with just a few clicks.

i can help you create an album, or you are totally free to do that on your own! for photobooks + albums, check out www.artifatuprising.com or www.mpix.com

and that's a wrap!

as always - anytime you have a question - don't hesitate to reach out.