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what's your favorite part of a wedding day?

stephanie: this is a hard one. to be honest, it depends on the couple. my favorite part of the day is whatever part the couple is enjoying the most!

courtney: every wedding i’ve shot i’ve loved different parts of, but i would have to say my favorite part is when i get alone time with the couple for portraits. seeing how in love with each other they are and capturing the immense happiness they are experiencing is what makes this job so rewarding. but not going to lie, eating cake is my second favorite part of the day!

who's wedding would you love to photograph?

stephanie: post malone. jack harlow. britney spears.

courtney: my grandparents. they were married for almost 64 years before my grandpa past away and they loved each other just as much, if not more, than they did when they first walked down the aisle. i would’ve loved to witness their love and excitement that day and captured the memories.

what's your best piece of wedding advice?

stephanie: stop worrying! don't stress about your dress, don't worry about your hair. the camera sees the worry on your face your images will be infinitely more joyful if you

courtney: you spend so much time planning your perfect wedding day and once it’s here it flies by. things aren’t always going to go perfect and smooth, but don’t stress about it. enjoy every moment. every hug. every laugh. every quiet moment. every glance from your love across the room. those are the things you will remember the most.

controversial opinion: wedding edition

stephanie: first look, please! i love a first look. it helps your timeline and allows for a much more relaxed flow through your day, and it doesn't take away from the walk-down-the-aisle moment. i promise.

courtney: the garter and bouquet toss are so outdated. i cringe that i did it at my wedding.

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my husband and my dogs may not be on location with me at photoshoots, but they support me behind the scenes and my biggest, best cheerleaders.

aND a SPECIAL thank you to my dearest friend,


our best guy crossed the rainbow bridge in april 2022, leaving a mark ten times his size on everyone's hearts. he taught us about patience and perseverance, and lessons about letting go.