Maybe you have a special place in mind that you'd like to go for your engagement shoot. Or maybe you aren't too particular but still would appreciate a beautiful spot without the stress of trying to search for one. Scroll down to see some images from past engagement sessions - and find some inspo for your own.

the villa - milwaukee

featured couple - taryn + michael

  • reservation + permit fee required
  • offers beautiful covered areas so we can shoot rain or shine
  • combines nature + architecture all in one location

lake park - milwaukee

featured couple - tara + zach

  • no permit or reservation needed
  • paved walkways makes moving around the park easier
  • photographs beautifully spring through late fall
  • bonus location - a little known spot on bradford beach is just down the hill

kohler andrae - sheboygan

featured couple - kristen + chris

  • state park pass required to enter or pay for parking - less than $20
  • beach, nature & boardwalk views
  • typically not very crowded
  • dogs allowed!

milwaukee - downtown, third ward, walker's point, lakefront

  • no permits needed (in general)
  • a city aesthetic is a great option when trees and florals aren't in bloom, it photographs well even in the winter or early spring
  • with such a variety of great spots in milwaukee, many within a mile or two of each other, consider splitting your shoot into two locations to capture more variety without a long drive in between.

studio north - riverwest, milwaukee

featured couple - ari + jake

  • complimentary upgrade to 75 minute engagement shoot
  • rental fee starts at $80
  • totally private & full of natural light. and it's weatherproof - no worries about rain since we will be inside!
  • cozy seating, tons of room to move around, lots of windows
  • the perfect setting for a minimalistic + editorial vibe

grant park - south milwaukee

featured couple - sarah + mike

  • both lake + nature views, a great option if you want to shoot along the water and don't want the skyline in the background
  • no permit needed
  • rarely crowded
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bars, restaurants or other public spaces

featured locations:

voyager in bayview

metropolitan brewing co. in chicago

stella in the westin hotel, MKE

finks in MKE

MKE public library atrium

the trade hotel

  • written permission required before shooting
  • paparazzi aesthetic
  • best for couples who are not camera shy or worried about an audience. full disclosure - everyone in the establishment will be looking at you so be sure you're OK with all eyes on you during the shoot. if you're introverted or nervous about being in front of the camera, this is likely not the best option for you. flash may not be allowed in certain establishments leaving us with less than ideal lighting situations.


featured locations:

chicago, IL // grant park, north ave. beach, art institute, michigan ave.

madison, WI // capitol building, olin park

boulder, CO // chatauqua park

brooklyn, NYC // subway, ft. greene

boston, MA // pier, george robert fountain

  • if you'd like to venture outside of the milwaukee area - let's go! i'll meet you wherever you'd like.
  • permits needed in some locations, particularly in chicago
  • complimentary upgrade to 75 minute session (upgrade to 90 minutes when you've booked a 75 minute session)
  • $1/mile round trip + $100 destination fee during peak season for travel to locations requiring 1+ hour drive one way, for example: chicago, madison, door county. (april 1 - november 30).
  • bonus: i'm often traveling and if you live out of state and i happen to be in your neck of the woods, i'd love to coordinate photographing your session by you! inquire for more details.

if none of these locations strike a chord with you, i hope you were able to find some inspiration as you looked through the images. and if you're still feeling unsure, i'm more than happy to help you figure out a spot for your shoot!