Camp Wed - Camp Wandewega

If you know me at all, you know I’m not the camping type. I love being barefoot, I love the summer, I love the beach - I’m not afraid of the outdoors. I just am not a fan of sleeping in a tent. So when my friend Michelle asked if I would like to go to Camp Wed with her, I thought…hmm…I can do that…if it’s glamping. Alas, we weren’t able to snag the a-frame or a spot in the hill house, and we wound up sleeping in a boy scout tent. And these experiences, the ones that push you outside of your comfort zone, are the ones that you don’t forget and you always walk away feeling better than how you walked into it.

Camp Wed is a three day retreat for wedding industry professionals and creatives. I met so many new people from all facets of the industry, from florists to DJ’s, accountants to bloggers. It was so wonderful to share our experiences in the business together, and learn some tips and tricks for surviving it. Betty Binon phrased it perfectly when she said: “You have to be a little bit insane to choose to work in the wedding industry.” And I agree! It isn’t easy; it isn’t for everyone. But I feel like it’s where I’m meant to be.

I hadn’t been out to Camp Wandewega before this retreat, and I actually could see myself going back! I hope you enjoy scrolling through these photos, I feel like we had a true Wisconsin experience while we were there. Sun, clouds, thunderstorms, humidity, mosquitos, chilly mornings. You’ll see images including every color in the rainbow, as September in Wisconsin offers such a range of tones, and the ladies at Cherry Blossom Events styled the tablescapes with vivid and muted warm tones that complemented and contrasted the landscape of camp.


t h e h i l l h o u s e

d i n n e r - n i g h t o n e

Cocktails by Quince & Apple with The Bevy Bar

Welcome Party designed by Cherry Blossom Events, catered by Gather

Florals by Fleur

d i n n e r - n i g h t t w o

Cocktail Hour with The Borrowed Bar along with the Color Bar sponsored by Kendra Scott

Dinner designed by Cherry Blossom Events, catered by The Black Sheep

Florals by Fleur

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