Baby R

Up until this year, my main photography focus has been weddings and couples. There are only so many hours in the day and because I’m so detail oriented, I felt like I should stay in my lane. But, last summer, I quit my day job (YAY!) and that opened so much more time to explore other avenues of photography. So I’ve photographed babies, families, horses, doggo birthday parties, headshots, offices, skin care products, Presidential candidates and mamas-to-be. And this mama-and-papa-to-be shoot was so. much. fun.

Emily of Events to a T was kind enough to recommend me to her boyfriend’s brother and sister-in-law, Sarah and Timmy. They are expecting their first baby at the end of the summer, and they wanted to schedule a shoot. Per usual, the weather forced us to reschedule. And then we had to reschedule our reschedule. And then when we did shoot, the weather was so icky we cut it off early and finished up a week later. BUT OH BOY. Are we glad we did! The light was perfect, they were able to bring their pup Wisco, and we got some amazing shots.

Sarah is absolutely glowing and Timmy is such a sweet husband to her. They are going to make wonderful parents and Wisco is going to be the best big brother. They aren’t finding out what they’re having, so what is your guess? Boy or girl?? Can’t wait to find out!