Brianne + Kevin

I met Brianne + Kevin in Madison for their engagement shoot, and it was the best time. We started at The Capital building; which is such a great place to shoot at. We then went over to Memorial Union Terrace, where the two spent tons of time during their days in the city. They are both UW Madison Alumni so The Terrace holds a special place in their hearts.

Nowadays, Brianne + Kevin are living in Milwaukee and are working on plans for their June 2020 wedding at Westmoor Country Club. If you think you’re noticing a trend…you’re right! Brianne and Kevin know Carmen + Mike and Maureen + Daniel. I seriously love this group, and am absolutely honored that they continue to pass my name along to their friends. The best part? THEY ARE ALL SO MUCH FUN! I’m sure I’ll see some familiar faces at the wedding next summer.

Brianne + Kevin have such a natural, effortless connection. It’s obvious in the photos, and even more obvious when you spend time with them in person. It’s clear they have an immense amount of love for each other, but they also genuinely like each other. Don’t get me wrong - a relationship can’t function without love, but as the years go on - if you continue to like and enjoy each other, you’re golden. And something tells me these two are only at the very beginning of a great journey together.

Also, I immediately bonded with Brianne as she’s a murderino. She’s a Georgia too.