Alpaca Adventure

Life happens way too fast, doesn’t it?

Courtney, Eric and I went on this adventure last year. And I’m just now sitting down to blog it! I don’t have any good excuses; 2018 just really got away from me.

The delay doesn’t diminish my love for this shoot, though! I was so excited that these two didn’t bat an eyelash when I asked them if they wouldn’t mind going out on a freezing day to shoot at two of my favorite places: Scuppernong Trailhead and Mesa Trail Alpacas. I love the scenery at Scuppernong - the tall trees, the wispy grasses, the crooked wooden bridges. It’s beautiful at any time of year but I actually do love the muted colors it provides in the early winter. From there we went to Mesa Trail Alpacas to hang with my fuzzy friends. If you haven’t been around these guys before, you need to take a drive out and see them in person! They are so sweet and comical - especially adorable little Rainier (you’ll see him in the photos below, he’s the auburn one who’s always smiling). This was such a fun day - it’s kind of fun to be reliving it a year later ;) !